New Dental Technology

Earlier last year, we were featured in the "585 Magazine" in an article about Dental Technology. The article never made it to a digital platform, so we figured we would re-create it and share it online on our blog. Take a look at our section in it about the DEXIS CariVu, a tool which we have at Dr. Pellittieri's office!

The DEXIS CariVu

The DEXIS CariVu caries detection device is the latest in digital imaging technology. Using transillumination technology allows dentists like Dr. Peter J Pellittieri of Webster, NY to see into the tooth like never before. This compact, portable, radiation-free unit allows Dr. Pellittieri to identify carious lesions (decay) and cracks in a tooth for better diagnosis, treatment, and care.

The CariVu works by bathing your teeth in a gentle, near-infrared light that projects an image of your teeth onto a screen. Healthy enamel will appear transparent, while carious lesions trap the light, making them stand out among the healthy tooth structure. Adds Dr. Pellittieri, "With CariVu, detecting cavities has just gotten easier. For example, I recently saw a patient who came in with tooth sensitivity. Under visual examination and even bitewing x-rays, I could not detect anything that would have caused sensitivity. If not for the CariVu detecting a small crack, the lesion most likely would have continued to progress, requiring more aggressive treatment later on."

CariVu, along with intraoral photos and digital technology, allows Dr. Pellittieri to clearly see a detailed image of the tooth. This breakthrough technology detects cavities and cracks at the very earliest stage before they become progressively worse.

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End of 585 Magazine article

We are thankful for being featured in the 585 Magazine. Stay tuned for more blog posts on information you want to know about!